If you’re part of the bridal party, your job scope will include, well, parties! One of these is the bridal shower, or even a couple’s shower. While it isn’t compulsory like the 1001 other traditional/cultural practices…



…bridal showers is a nice-to-have for a stressed out bride. The first step is to ask the bride if she wants one at all. Because the last thing you want to do is to disappoint her by assuming she doesn’t want one, or by surprising her with an unwanted party.

Here are our tips on how to plan the best bridal shower!


Bridal Shower Checklist #1: Three (or Preferably, More) Months Before

Talk to the bride!



  • Is it a girls-only event?
  • Set the date in advance as guests will need adequate notice. This would typically be 1-2 months before the wedding.
  • Will it be an afternoon tea or a Saturday night soiree?
  • Would she like a particular theme, style, or colour scheme?
  • Venue: Restaurant, tea room, at home, or at the spa? Be mindful that advance reservations will be required especially if it’s going to be on a weekend!
  • Guest list: Do NOT invite people without the bride approving it. ‘Nuff said.
  • Budget: This is the most important part. The budget will dictate what can or cannot be done for the party, and never ever commit to go over the budget without first consulting the bride.

The more information you have, the better! While most of the details and decisions will be up to you, be sure to plan it according to her input. It is her bridal shower after all


Bridal Shower Checklist #2: Two Months Before



  • Send out your Save-The-Date email, set up the event page on Facebook or a WhatsApp group chat.
  • As a courtesy, make the effort to personally inform any guests who’ll have to travel some distance to attend the bridal shower—they’ll appreciate the advance notice.
  • Purchase bridal shower invitations or materials to make the invitations. Alternatively, save paper and send out e-vites instead!
  • Have a brainstorming session with the other bridesmaids to finalise details – the games/activities, menu, table linens (if applicable), flowers, menu, decorations, favours, music and so on.
  • If there is a need for special dietary menu items, check with the caterer or the chefs. Don’t forget to reconfirm the price, as there may be additional charges.
  • Make a detailed to-do list and if needed, assign tasks to the other bridesmaids to help you execute everything smoothly.


Bridal Shower Checklist #3: One Month Before



  • Send out the invitations. Don’t forget to include the directions to the venue! If it’s a themed party, make sure to provide proper gift-giving instructions and dress code.
  • Shop for decorations and party props according to the theme, if any.
  • Purchase favours – or start making them, if you’re a DIY gal – for the guests. Always have spares in case there are last minute guests.
  • If it’s a potluck style party, confirm what each guest is bringing to avoid over- or under-catering.


Bridal Shower Checklist #4: Two Weeks Before



  • Order any flower arrangements needed for decoration.
  • Buy your own gift for the bride.
  • Make a shopping list or to-do list. If you need any hard-to-find ingredients or items, this is the time to purchase them.
  • Purchase the alcohol, if you’re having cocktails.


Bridal Shower Checklist #5: One Week Before



  • Confirm all logistical matters: reservations with the venue, orders and delivery times of everything you need for the shower, and RSVPs with all guests.
  • Pick up any cake stands, audio equipment, or serving ware that you’re renting or borrowing.
  • Assemble and gift-wrap favours. Remember – you don’t have to do all this alone. Invite the other bridesmaids over to your home to help you in a mini pre-party of your own!
  • If you’re hosting the bridal shower at someone’s place, take note that any groceries that can be kept ahead of time can be stored in the fridge – so you can have fewer things to keep track of on the day of the shower!
  • Create a floor plan to facilitate decorating and setting up.
  • Plan shower games and activities, unless it’s a simple makan session.


Bridal Shower Checklist #6: One Day Before



  • Receive and set up equipment (if there are any), assemble decorations and favours, and set up the table(s).
  • Contact all the bridesmaids to reconfirm everyone’s roles and arrival time.
  • Send out a gentle reminder to all guests and include the date, time and venue of the event.
  • And last-minute errands!


Good luck!


By Ann Lee.


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