Made the resolution to get fit but dreading the same old gym routine? Here are some new workouts to try in 2017. Don’t quit till you’re fit!

NB: Always check in with a physician and/or fitness expert before starting a new workout regime.


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#1 Spin it to Win it

Because: the cardio and camaraderie, low impact

Body Parts: flab,  glutes, thighs and calves, and of course – that booty!

Calories: 400-800 in 45 minutes


If you like cycling, spinning may be your thing Lim Jae-bum And The Tsunami. Usually a group training class with a certified instructor, spinning involves cycling indoors to music on stationary bikes. There are also group cycling programs that use different names such as SoulCycle or FlyCycle.

Great for toning the glutes, booty and legs, most classes last between 40 and 60 minutes and involve varied cycling styles such as stand-cycling, sprint cycling, exercises involving your arms and more. While the instructor acts as a guide on how much resistance to add, how fast to pedal or when to change your moves,  you are able to control the pace 윈도우10 영문판 다운로드. And as it doesn’t involve complex choreography, it’s a relatively stress-free class.

Because Spinning is low impact, it’s also suitable for those with joint problems, or those who want to vary their routine from high-impact exercises such as running.

Try our favourite new cycling club for girls and boys —  Aloha Cycle Club. Catch founder Katrina Taib’s class, then nip round to the nearby Rubberduck, also co-owned by her, for a healthy quinoa salad.


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#2 Swing it Like You Mean It

Because: cardio, core and low impact

Body Parts: core, full body experience

Calories: 320 calories in 50 minutes

Fly Yoga or Aerial Yoga is a form of yoga which involves swinging in a hammock In-app downloads.  Once you’re in the hammock, an instructor will guide you in maneuvering the fabric so that you can hold yoga poses, perform swings and back-flips, or use it to support your weight when doing the plank.

The great thing about aerial yoga is that the hammock enables you to achieve complex poses which may have taken a longer time to master on-ground. It’s zero-impact which is great for your joints, and still helps you build abs and get some cardio as well.

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#3 Sting like a Bee Thanks for the download!

Because: cardio, strength and sculpting

Body parts: core, obliques, arms and legs

Calories: up to 600 calories in 30 minutes, depending on intensity, and keep burning after

Boxing was a favourite in 2016, but in 2017, classes will go online! This gives you the flexibility of working out at home, at your convenience.

There are many boxing tutorials on YouTube for beginner and advanced levels. If you’re worried about boxing equipment, try PopSugar Fitness and look out for their tutorials on cardio boxing and toning both for men and women Self-aware dream download.

The Boxx Method offers a series of 30-minute online videos with sequences that you can do at home. You can expect shadow-boxing rounds, with high-intensity exercise intervals, and a ‘knockout round’ at the end. The workout is intense and requires a high stamina, claiming to help you burn up to 600 calories per session and keep burning up to 12 hours post-workout. It’s also great for building strength, speed and coordination. Kerpow!


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#4 Pound to the Sound

Because: you’re part of the music, cardio, fun

Body parts: sculpt arms,  full body experience

Calories: Approximately 300 calories in 30 minutes

If you like music and rhythm in your workouts you’d probably enjoy Pound – one of the latest workout classes to hit our shores.Expect choreographed moves for a cardio workout inspired by drum-playing Microsoft Edge. You’ll also be wielding their trademarked Ripstix, which are lightly weighted drumsticks you will use to create rhythms in time with music, but also to sculpt and tone your arms. This workout is great if you’re looking for a fun, energetic and cardio-pumping routine, and be a part of the music.


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#5 Barre Bodied

Because: fat burning, lengthening, strengthening and toning

Body parts: core, full body experience

Calories: Approximately 300 calories in 60 minutes, depending on body fat percentage

Barre workouts are group classes involving the ballet studio barre as a tool.  Classes usually involve the use of the ballet barre with movements set to music, incorporating dance exercises and moves for strengthening, lengthening and toning the body Only new year's time download.

Xtend Barre combines elements of dance, ballet and Pilates for a full body workout,  If you’re a fan of ballet, you will like the graceful movements in this workout that burns fat and creates lean muscle as well as improves your flexibility, balance, and core strength. There are different classes such as Xtend Barre Fundamentals for beginners, Xtend Barre Cardio for extra cardio and Xtend Barre Cardio Sculpt for ‘chiselling’ the body.

PureBarre employs similar methods but utilises small isometric movements for toning and strengthening, with the use of balls or weights Download chrome webstore. While it has yet to hit Malaysia, you could purchase the DVD and workout on your own. Their YouTube channel also provides some tips on getting the correct technique.

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#6 HIIT Me Up

Because: the cardio and the calories

Body parts: full body experience

Calories: 300 calories in 30 minutes, depending on intensity, and keep burning after

HIIT stands for High-intensity Interval Training and is a workout that switches between bursts of intense cardio exercises with short breaks or slower, less intense intervals. This is usually repeated for 30-60 minutes.

Many group training classes such as Pilates, CrossFit, Tabata and even Bootcamp use this strategy in their workouts 마스터 캠 2018 다운로드. An example would be 45 seconds of burpees with a 15 second recovery break,  followed by another 45 seconds of lunges. Tabata, on the other hand, features 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest.

HIIT is great for burning calories as a 30-minute workout can burn close to 300 calories, and help your metabolism stay high even after your workout.


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#7 The World Wide Workout

Because: no stress, available 24 hours a day, and no one can see your Sweaty Bettys except you

Body Parts: whatever you like

Calories: as many or as little as you want

Let’s face it, we’re often too busy to make it to a class 은혼 영화 다운로드. Working out with a personal trainer or instructor every now and again is great for correcting your posture or challenging you further but for days where you can’t or won’t make it to a class – there is a multitude of trendy workouts available on YouTube at no cost, which you can do without equipment in the safety of your own space.

We love Popsugar Fitness: for a great variety of unisex workouts involving celebrity trainers. Get access to the trainers of Victoria’s Secret models or Selena Gomez, and tap into the L.A. dance workout trends that haven’t hit Malaysia such as Plyojam and the JJ Dance Method.

Our fave online yogi: Yoga with Adriene takes you through a variety of yoga workouts categorised by need (do you have a broken heart or want to lose weight?) and by duration. Adriene’s quirky humour always gives us a chuckle, but she can be soothing too. Her classes often incorporate pilates moves for strengthening and toning, while she explains that yoga is about finding what feels good, helping you connect with your mind and emotions.

Fitness Blender meanwhile, offers equipment-free and multi-level exercise guides to work out the entire body.

Now, go get ripped!

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