BROWS ON FLEEK: The trends in eye makeup have never been more exciting. Which means dressing up your brows will also be taken to a whole new dimension. With feathered brows, bold eyebrows, natural brows and graphic brows coming in to play, you need to have your equipment sorted out.

While we all may have relied upon pencils, gels and mascaras – what about the all-in-one brow kits? Do they work? Do they last? Will they make your brows look fake? Can you evoke multiple looks? Here’s the low down on some of the all-in-one brow kits out there.


L’oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit


The L’oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit comes in two colour options:  01 Medium To Dark and 02 Light To Medium, perfect for Asian skin tones hong jinyoung song. (Colours that are too dark can make our brows look fake, and colours that are two light can come on powdery.)
The kit includes a wax, a powder brow colour, a pair of tweezers and a double-edged brush, one side with an angle brush, the other a spooled brush. However, due to its miniature size, we don’t recommend you expect too much from this. (It’s always good to invest in a full-sized angle brush and a spoolie anyway; the length of the handle gives you greater control.)
If you have any wayward brow hairs, the wax will ensure that it all gets smoothed away. The texture is smooth and has the right measure of moistness. This pigmented wax also holds for 12 hours. In truth, we once left the house at 730am and only returned at midnight, but the wax held true, and the colour stayed. (Just as long as you’re not rubbing them or messing with them.)
The pigment powder allows you to build your brow colour naturally, and while it’s a powder, the particles are fine enough that you won’t get chunks of colour falling off gxg 게임 다운로드. We also tried the powder alone and the colour seemed to last through a good workday.
You can try slowly layering the wax and powder for a more 3D effect, (and if that’s what you want, go for a darker colour) or keep it minimal for a natural look.
What we love: great colour fit, longlasting wear, small kit convenient for touch ups, very affordable at RM45.90. Check their how-to guide here.


Urban Decay Brow Box


An all-in-one, ultra-compact kit that contains the essentials for amazing brows, the Urban Decay Brow Box includes two shades of silky brow powder, perfecting/setting wax, metal mini tweezers that remove the tiniest hairs, a mini angled brow brush, a mini spoolie, and two mirrors (one that magnifies) i doser.
While beauty experts use the wax sometimes as a base, and sometimes just to set the brows, the best way to use Urban Decay’s Brow Box is to  blend both shades together to create your perfect shade (for natural-looking results you could never achieve with a standard eyebrow pencil); then use the wax to create a precise shape and to keep hairs in place.


If you’re familiar with Urban Decay, you’ll know that the textures of their products are meant to glide onto your skin like silk. The ultra-fine, silky powders create defined, natural-looking brows, while the soft, pliable wax is infused with nourishing aloe, beeswax and coconut, offering grip without being sticky. The powder on its own lasted ages as well, but you’ve got to be careful about hot lights when you’re on the red carpet or being out in the sun for extended periods Premier 2019 download. The wax began to feel a little damp/melty, but then again – it IS wax after all, and made of very emollient ingredients. We would hold off on the wax for endurance sports or long hikes and just stick with the powder. Even when we wiped sweat off our brow, the colour didn’t seem to have shifted.
The bulkiest of all the kits here, on account that it’s a double-layer compact, it is still small enough for a regular handbag, if you need it for touch ups.


What we love: the glide-on texture, buildable colour options, longlasting wear.


At RM118, it’s a bit of an investment, but will last you six months or more! Comes in three colour combos: Honey Pot, Brown Sugar and Brunette Betty 삼성전자 로고 다운로드.


Benefit Brow Zings Tame and Shape Kit


Benefit’s Brow Zings kit contains mini tweezers (that are surprisingly effective given their miniature size), a folding dual-brush with an angled brush on one end and a blending brush on the other, a pigmented wax and setting powder. It’s housed in a Barbie-like silver plastic box and even handling all the plasticky paraphernalia within made us feel like we were little girls at play.


As Benefit is big on brows, with many different products for different brow needs, Brow Zings is meant to tame and shape. While for most of the brow kits, it’s a case of powder before wax, or alternating between powder and wax, with Brow Zings, it’s wax for colour, then set with powder.


The process is pretty simple, but the results are worthwhile: first get rid of any stray hairs with the handy little tweezers, then use the slanted brush to shape and define your brows with the wax,  finally finishing off with the blending brush for the setting powder and for an even finish 대성마이맥 모바일 다운로드.  We found that the colour didn’t pick up as smoothly and we spent quite a fair amount of time getting the brows up and ready, so this is probably a better fit for natural daytime brows, and when you’re not late for work!


But to be sure, visit any Sephora or Benefit standalone store for a Brow Bar consultation with their experts. You can test all their brow products, and find the right colour that fits you and get advice on how-tos as well.


What we love: that the process is reversed – the wax is pigmented and the powder is for setting, the tweezers are the best we’ve tried and the brushes (though the handle is plasticky and toy-like) are the best of all the brow kits.


At RM170 it’s one of the more pricey brow kits out there, given it’s plastic demeanour. Available in: Light, Medium and Dark 윈8.1 다운로드.


Bobbi Brown Brow Kit


This sleek compact comes equipped with two shades of powder, a magnified mirror, mini tweezers, an angled brow brush, and doesn’t include a wax.


You’ll soon find, however that you won’t need it. The two shades of powder, which you can use separately, or blended for the colour you prefer, has immense staying power. (It’s very powderful! Sorry couldn’t resist.)


Without the wax to tame flyaway hairs, though, you would likely have to tweeze and even trim longer hairs before adding colour 애고니 다운로드. The angle brush is a little too thick, for those with thinner brows, so it isn’t great for definition, but is good enough for touch ups on-the-go.  You’ll have to use a proper angled brush for definition and filling.


When it comes to Bobbi Brown, it’s always about #BeWhoYouAre, so if you’re expecting a natural brow result, that’s exactly what you’ll find. The colour goes on soft and smooth and can build for dramatic effects.


Pro tip: Dip your brush in water before the powder for richer colour.


What we love: the ability to “toggle” between the two colours, the smooth, rich texture of the powder, longlasting wear 공조 무료 다운로드.


Priced at RM265, the Bobbi Brown Brow Kit is a luxury, but one well worth investing in. Comes in Cement/Birch or Saddle/Mahogany. (We recommend the latter!)


Shu Uemura Brow Palette


A two-powder palette with a brow brush and a foam-tipped applicator for blending, Shu Uemura, the brand behind some of the best brow pencils in the market intended the brow palette for beginners.


Shu is also the go-to brand for Asian skincare and colouring, so you’ll find a tone to match your natural brows easily.  The brand advocates using the lighter colour on the tip of the brush to draw the overall eyebrow shape.  At the centre of the eyebrow, apply the darker colour to create natural dimension 바다나무 잉글리시 다운로드.


The texture of the powders are rich and smooth, true to the brand’s reputation for quality, and easy to pick up and apply, whether it is for precision or a more dramatic look. We’re not sure if the foam applicator does much as the brush is rather sufficient, but we felt that it resulted in a more evened out colour. In any case, we had fun blending!


What we love: blending with the foam applicator, the quality for the non-hefty price tag, the smooth texture.


A pretty good beginner palette for those in the early stages of widening their makeup arsenal, and venturing beyond pencils and spoolies. Priced at RM145, the brow palette comes in two colour selections: Walnut Brown/Acorn or Seal Brown/Stone Grey for a more taupe-y option.

Images from the respective brands. Cover gif by Das Naiz.



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