We can’t say this enough: we love lippies! With 38 amazing new shades of rouge unlimited, shu uemura completes 70 total shades in the rouge unlimited series, including 4 mixer shades. To quote International Artistic Director Uchiida: “Colour is the most vibrant part of makeup. I feel that the recent return of women wanting to wear colour on their lips, has brightened up the atmosphere around us. If the purpose of makeup is to enhance a person’s individuality, it is my conviction that the approach to coloured lips must be simple, but still effective. associating 70 beautiful shades and textures with a variety of techniques like colour blocking, mixing, layering and creating gradations, as well as adding textures… This is the secret to expanding, unlimitedly, the scope of modern women’s beauty.”

We look at International Chief Makeup Artist and Product Designer Yuji Asano’s makeup tips!


Rouge Unlimited Look #1: Femme Fatale



Lippie code: RD 160

Get the look: Use a passionate shade of red and draw around the cupid’s bow for a feminine and sexy look. Perfect for a night out!


Rouge Unlimited Look #2: Sweet as Candy



Lippie code: CR 330

Get the look: Go for sweet and cute with pink and draw naturally along your original lip line. Goes great with a girly get-together!


Rouge Unlimited Look #3: Tantalising Temptress



Lippie code: WN 288

Get the look: Use a deep colour to draw straight and sharp lines for a powerful impression.


Rouge Unlimited Look #4: Double Take



Lippie codes: PK 365 / BG 965

Get the look: Don’t be afraid, be playful! When using two different colours, the upper lip should be darker, with the lower lip in a lighter colour, following the lips’ natural brightness.


Rouge Unlimited Look #5: Mix ‘n’ Match




The new range also features 4 mixers: purple to deepen any shades, glitter to create a sparkle effect, yellow to warm and brighten tones, and pearl to create a lustrous shimmering effect.



Clockwise from top-left: purple, pearl, yellow, glitter.


The rouge unlimited range will be available this October 2017 at all shu uemura boutiques nationwide at RM95 each.

Go forth and spread unlimited vibes!


All photos courtesy of shu uemura.



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