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Ever wonder what concoctions celebrities slather on their skin to maintain their looks 사파리 동영상 다운로드? From in-flight essentials to her skincare routine, actress and model Carmen Soo shares her beauty secrets.


TiC: What’s your daily beauty routine soundodger+ 다운로드?

My beauty routine during the day and night is pretty much the same, except that during the day I put on some sunblock, and at nighttime I remove my makeup and slap on a mask after washing my face gradle. The standard wash, tone and moisturise, with the addiction of a hydration or soothing booster/serum.


TiC: What’s in your daily beauty bag and why vr game?

I don’t carry around a daily beauty bag. I used too, but in the last few years have simplified my life and I just throw in a lip balm, a tinted liptint and a concealer illustration cs5. Sometimes a hairbrush if it fits into my bag, some hair pins, and a hair tie. Also, some tissues, very important. That’s pretty much it.


TiC: What are your travel essentials Download Dot Love?

When I am travelling I carry with me wet wipes, hand lotion, a small moisturiser for use on the plane, and maybe a small hydrating mist if I remember xis engine. Otherwise will splash water on my face if I need a freshen up.


TiC: What’s your philosophy when it comes to choosing what products you buy for skincare and beauty King of Gwanggatotae?

Firstly, it has to work on my skin. And not because it’s the new in brand/product that everyone is using. My skin is sensitive so I am less adventurous to keep trying new things 회계사 다운로드. I like my products as natural as possible, of a reputable brand (because I believe they would have better labs for testing and their products will have a higher standard or consistency and hygiene) 리암 갤러거 불법 다운로드. I also believe less is more, and consistency is key. If we maintain ourselves well, we need less ‘magic’ products.


TiC: Are there any make-up trends that you’re loving at the moment?

I love the idea of using bb cream –  it’s a great alternative to using foundation which is generally heavier. I like the dewy fresh skin trend. Even though, unfortunately, sometimes those dewy looks you see in the media are the results of photography filters, I do see people on the street embracing it.


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Photo: Davina Goh.

Photo: Davina Goh.