We all know it takes work to look good, even though we pretend it’s all effortless. Apart from working out and eating right, here are celebrity hottie Daphne Iking’s beauty rituals and fave skincare and cosmetic products.


1. What’s your daily beauty routine?

The first thing I do in the morning is Oil Pulling with Virgin Coconut Oil 초강 전기 키카 이오 다운로드.  (Any Virgin Coconut Oil will do, but I’m currently using Rass and Rosh Extra Virgin Coconut Oil). I gargle for about 10-15 mins, while tending to my plants! This draws out toxins from my body and also whiten teeth, improve gum health and bad breath by reducing bacteria, plaque, and infection.

My next ritual is Jala Neti or nose cleansing 겨울 왕국 불법 다운로드. This involves a  warm water and salt solution using a neti pot. This is great for cleansing the nose, especially if you’re prone to allergies and hay fever.

Next, I hop into the shower, moisturise, apply sunblock & lipbalm (I use Vaseline.)

I also include a few quick yoga stretches (at least the joint exercises and a round of sun salutations) Eclipse Juno.

At night, I remove makeup (if any), floss, shower and moisturise from head to toe. If I have time, I soak my feet with magnesium salts (I use Elementz magnesium flakes) & Lavender essential oil.

Finally, I unwind with light yoga stretches and meditation.


2 Dr. Slip. What’s in your daily beauty bag and why?

The refill of my RMK compact powder and brush (the refill pack is less bulky and great for slipping into ridiculously tiny clutch bags for touch ups. Since I wear no makeup on non-work/shoot days, this comes in handy to remove shine when something that requires me to look half decent calls for it.

I also have a Serasi liptint, which gives me sheer coverage and  is very moisturising too 페도라 서버 다운로드. Serasi is a local brand; I’m always trying to support local brands.

Next, my essential oils, because they keep me zen and are an alternative to taking meds when I’m having a headache, feeling flu-ey or have pain in my joints.

Sanitisers and wet wipes are absolute essentials because I have children and a husband who likes to eat in the car youtube overseas!

Hairclips and hair ties – because I prefer my hair up and away from my face. If I’m out for an event and my hair is styled down, you can be sure that right after I’m done with the formal event/shoot, I’m tying my hair up again or getting it off my face. I can’t eat with my hair down. I feel so rimas!




3 hanmeta-exercise. Do you have a separate beauty bag for when you’re travelling? What additional products go in there?

Oh yes!

Essentials :  Primer (Laura Mercier), sheer foundation (RMK), concealer (MAC), translucent loose powder (Laura Mercier), Nude Bronzer/Highlighter for cheeks (Klara), mascara (Silky Girl Big Eye & Maybelline Magnum Barbie), eyebrow pencil and  lash curler (Shu Uemura), small tub of Vaseline for lips (and acts as a makeup remover too), red lipstick (MAC’s Ruby Woo), makeup brushes (MUAH).

Toiletries: Shampoo and conditioner (I keep changing the brands depending on what I have in my storage because I often receive a lot of beauty products as gifts), face cleanser (Milk & Co), travel size oil makeup remover (Shu Uemura), deodorant (Salt of the Earth), sunblock (Kiehl’s), sunblock for face (Celmonze) 지피지기 다운로드.


4. What’s your philosophy when it comes to choosing what products you buy for skincare and beauty?

I try to choose products that are naturally-derived and cruelty-free. I try to support local brands who make organic or include naturally-derived ingredients in their products. I actually make a point to ask the entrepreneur themselves how the products are made (methods and ingredients) 로보랩 다운로드. For travel, I get the travel size to minimise luggage space and weight.


5. Are there any makeup trends that you’re loving at the moment?

I’m a bore and a half. I like my “load up on mascara and liptint” look.

Trends? I’m not sure if it’s a trend, but recently, for some gigs, I’ve been using frosty silver eyeliner instead of black to add some glitz to my normal makeup 크레마 카르타 펌웨어 다운로드.




Daphne is the spokesperson for the Vaseline Healing Project, which aims to help ease skin ailments of those in vulnerable communities living in poverty in Malaysia. From now till August 31st, when you purchase a jar of Vaseline Intensive Care, Vaseline will donate one jar to the underprivileged.  


By Maya Tan Abdullah.


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